Since 1999 Takeaway Media has made programmes based on exclusive advanced access to the British Government records released at the National Archives each New Year under the Thirty Year Rule.
Each year’s programme has revealed government secrets and the thinking behind key events and decisions, from race relations to Concorde, Northern Ireland to Afghanistan.

UK Confidential explores the main themes confronting the relevant UK government of the day thirty years previously. From 1999 to 2002 UK Confidential was broadcast on BBC2. From 2005 onwards UK Confidential has been broadcast on BBC Radio 4 as a co-production with radio indie Whistledown Productions.

Cabinet Confidential explored the detailed policy issues thrown up by the files regarding Northern Ireland. It was broadcast from 2003 to 2006 on BBC One Northern Ireland.

Churchill Confidential was a BBC Radio 4 drama documentary (with Whistledown Productions) based on the new release of the Cabinet Secretaries' Notebooks from World War Two. The story of Churchill's last administration was similarly covered in Churchill Confidential - Return to Power. Meanwhile Atlee Confidential was based on the Cabinet Secretaries Notebooks relating to the 1945 - 51 Atlee government.


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UK Confidential 2006 Cabinet Confidential 2003
UK Confidential Dec 2005 Atlee Confidential 2007
UK Confidential Jan 2005 Churchill Confidential 2008
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