TAKEAWAY was born in 1997 and was owned and managed by its founders Archie Baron and Neil Cameron. Archie now owns Wingspan Productions and Neil owns Clan Productions.


Jayne Rowe was Takeaway’s Head of Production. Producer/ director Helena Braun first worked at Takeaway in 1997 and did so, on and off, until 2008.
Many of Britain’s best freelance production staff have worked for TAKEAWAY. The TAKEAWAY family included Deborah Lee, Caroline Ross Pirie, Lionel Mill, Ben Lewis, Stephen Haggard, Philippa Ross, Jamie Muir, Tabitha Jackson, Kate Carter, Kim Lomax, Faris Kermani, Justin Amsden, Cathy Houlihan, John Holdsworth, Lucy Cooke, Sally Benton, Rosalind Bain and Guy Pugh.